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Miami: A LATAM tech hub in the United States

By Charly Esnal | Base Miami

What's making Miami emerge as the next tech hub? Florida's Magic City is pushing to become a startup hub for LatAm entrepreneurs. Recent events like mayor Francis Suarez's famous tweet "how can I help?" are placing the city in the tech spotlight.

Moreover, high-profile investors like Keith Rabois and Peter Thiel moved to Miami, leading the relocation path to this emerging tech ecosystem. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as every day we see companies that are relocating or basing their headquarters in Miami.

Historically, the South Florida city had a close link to Latin America. Now, with the ambitious goal of becoming the next tech hub centered in LatAm companies, the ties are stronger.

Miami’s Tech Ecosystem

For decades, Miami has been considered an attractive place for vacations. No one would have imagined that the city could be a niche for VCs and tech startups. However, since 2017, South Florida's Magic City has been increasing the tech companies' ecosystem.