For long, Brazilian individuals and families have sought to invest abroad. Some want to emigrate. Some seek international education for their children. Some want to expand their businesses internationally. While language may be a barrier, another challenge for Brazilians is to find uncomplicated information about another country's opportunities.

Internacionalize intends to do away with all of those difficulties. With easy-to-read, readily available information from our business colleagues worldwide - all translated to Portuguese -, Internacionalize is the one place for Brazilians to find more about how to make investments, set up structures, immigrate, do business, or work abroad.

We congregate useful information to Brazilians who wish to surpass the barriers of underdevelopment and internationalize their business, their family, their assets, and their life.


We seek to bring topics and specialists from a wide range of sectors and jurisdictions which may somehow contribute to make a person's wish to internationalize oneself come true.


Welcome to a world of opportunities. Welcome to Internacionalize.

The Scharlack Team

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