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Special Entry Permits - Paradise For HNWI

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

By Rianna Holas | Mithril International

For many years, Barbados has been deemed an ideal jurisdiction for persons to operate their business and wealth. Companies wishing to thrive in the highly competitive global market utilize Barbados as a platform for international business by capitalizing on the business-friendly environment, high-quality infrastructure, tax advantages, investment protection and strong human capital.

Due to the global exchange of information, international business owners and their families need to choose their citizenship and residence carefully. Clients need residency in the place that they are going to run their international businesses and wealth planning platform from. For many years, Barbados has been viewed as one of the Caribbean’s leading jurisdictions due to its;

1. Prime location and positioning as a luxury destination:

Barbados’ prime location makes it a hub for international business and wealth management for clients from Latin America and North America. Clients wishing to travel to Barbados from Latin America can do so via Miami in less than 4 hours. There is an average of 30 direct flights per week to Miami.

2. Legal and Regulatory Framework